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No Spend January Challenge Week 2

Welcome to the third week of 2017! If you are already having struggles and stress, don’t worry- you’re in good company! I mentioned last week that my husband and I began our long planned kitchen remodel…

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No-Spend January Challenge: Week 1

Week one of my No-Spend January Challenge is finally over! I didn’t realize that 7 days could feel like an eternity, but it wasn’t only because I had to cut back on my daily spending- my husband and I decided to jump in to our long time plan of remodeling our kitchen. Sunday this week…… Continue reading No-Spend January Challenge: Week 1

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Creating a Family Budget + Free Printables!

For singles, creating a budget is relatively easy. They tend to have a good handle on how much money they have coming in, and when tracking expenses, they only have their own to think about. But creating a family budget is a whole new ball game. Most families have multiple sources of income. And when…… Continue reading Creating a Family Budget + Free Printables!

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No-Spend January Challenge 

I have a confession to make; I have terrible spending habits. Not your typical $5 on froofy coffee, though that’s part of it. I can spend between $50 and $100 per day on things that, most of the time, I can’t even recall spending money on. I believe that I would be what you call a…… Continue reading No-Spend January Challenge 

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Monthly Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier 2017

A Monthly Guide to making and keeping resolutions throughout the year!   January: After the holidays, toys, clothes, dishes, and decorations gets used, thrown around, and piled up. Spend 15 minutes a day just tidying up, starting with the biggest clutter spots, in a different room each day of the week. If you are anything…… Continue reading Monthly Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier 2017

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How to Get Paid To Buy Groceries

Like many stay at home moms, I have tried my hand at couponing after seeing a mommy friend of mine posting truckloads of hand soap and ketchup for a mere $0.98. I don’t think I’ll ever burn through that much hand soap and ketchup unless I wash hot dogs and french fries for every meal,…… Continue reading How to Get Paid To Buy Groceries

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10 Unique Gifts Under $30

Post may contain affiliate links I can’t believe it’s already the last week of December, and I still have yet to buy gifts for my family, my nieces, and the family gift exchange! Thankfully, most of the items listed below can still arrive before Christmas if you act fast! I have been seriously slacking this…… Continue reading 10 Unique Gifts Under $30