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No-Spend January Challenge: Week 1

Week one of my No-Spend January Challenge is finally over! I didn’t realize that 7 days could feel like an eternity, but it wasn’t only because I had to cut back on my daily spending- my husband and I decided to jump in to our long time plan of remodeling our kitchen. Sunday this week…… Continue reading No-Spend January Challenge: Week 1

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Monthly Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier 2017

A Monthly Guide to making and keeping resolutions throughout the year!   January: After the holidays, toys, clothes, dishes, and decorations gets used, thrown around, and piled up. Spend 15 minutes a day just tidying up, starting with the biggest clutter spots, in a different room each day of the week. If you are anything…… Continue reading Monthly Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier 2017

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9 Postpartum Superfoods

Whether you are nursing, trying to get back to your pre-baby body, or dealing with new allergies and sensitivity (like me), this list contains some of the best food to promote lactation, weight loss and maintenance, hormonal balancing, and resupplying your body with all of the vitamins and minerals lost during childbirth. Water While not…… Continue reading 9 Postpartum Superfoods

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10 Best Inspirational Quotes for Moms

Let’s be honest, being a mom is the hardest job a woman can have. We love our families more than anything in the world, but often it’s a thankless job and we can get pretty discouraged when potty training regresses for what seems like no reason or your partner is just SO clueless about bedtime routines. 1.…… Continue reading 10 Best Inspirational Quotes for Moms