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No Spend January Challenge Week 2

Welcome to the third week of 2017! If you are already having struggles and stress, don’t worry- you’re in good company! I mentioned last week that my husband and I began our long planned kitchen remodel…

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9 Postpartum Superfoods

Whether you are nursing, trying to get back to your pre-baby body, or dealing with new allergies and sensitivity (like me), this list contains some of the best food to promote lactation, weight loss and maintenance, hormonal balancing, and resupplying your body with all of the vitamins and minerals lost during childbirth. Water While not…… Continue reading 9 Postpartum Superfoods

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Gluten Free Holiday Lactation Crinkle Cookies

After my third child was born, I developed allergies to both soy and wheat, which really sucks when you love bread and are part of a Chinese household. I have had quite the journey, trying to find good recipes for cookies, let alone lactation cookies, and here is my best recipe so far! Being soy…… Continue reading Gluten Free Holiday Lactation Crinkle Cookies