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Dollar Store Homeschooling for Preschool

Moms, do you share my addiction to getting amazing deals, especially when hunting for bargains at your local dollar store? Not everything in the dollar store is a great deal, but if you have shopped around before or if you need the convenience of small portions and one stop shopping, the dollar store is indispensable!
My daughter just turned 3 and won’t officially start preschool until the fall, but she is high energy and incredibly intelligent so I feel that she needs a regular environment of learning and discovery. I have zero experience homeschooling, so I contacted a few mom friends that home school, with ages ranging from infants to preteens. 

Through some inquiries about their curriculum and quite a few late nights of pinterest searching, I decided to embark on a journey to help my daughter and I learn with each other and help set me up to teach my newborn as he grows. 
My first step was to head down to my dollar store and pick up some essentials. I was surprised at the selection of school and office supplies! In my local small-town store we had an entire aisle dedicated to poster boards, pens, glue, markers, calendars, workbooks, and so much more! 

For preschool activities, not much is needed initially, so here is a list of what I bought during my first trip:

  • Crayons 
  • Letter and number stencils
  • Pad with colored paper, drawing paper, and tracing paper
  • A box of pencils
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Pencil grips
  • A big chunky glue stick
  • Snack size baggies for anything that might have small pieces.
  • Storage bin for supplies

My plan is to focus on a designated  theme each week so that activities stay new, fresh, and exciting. It seems to be pretty unanimous that toddlers learn best simply by playing, so I needed to come up with games and fun activities that keep her engaged while also promoting learning. Starting next week, I have 36 weeks before my daughter starts preschool officially, which should give us plenty of time to start great learning routines and allow her to feel comfortable and confident in an environment that challenges her.

Here are my 36 weekly themes for homeschool preschool curriculum:

  1. Farm
  2. Police, fire, ambulance 
  3. Body parts
  4. Food
  5. Ocean
  6. Faces
  7. Jungle
  8. Doctor and hospital 
  9. Long and short
  10. Safari
  11. Trains
  12. Mountains
  13. Forest
  14. Color wheel
  15. Birds
  16. Building
  17. Space
  18. Simple science
  19. Library
  20. Numbers 1-20
  21. Cooking
  22. Exercise
  23. Flowers
  24. Bugs
  25. Shapes
  26. Feelings 
  27. Fish
  28. Desert
  29. Baby animals 
  30. Water
  31. Night and day
  32. Seasons
  33. Movies
  34. Cars and trucks
  35. Patterns
  36. Lacing, braiding, tying

        Each week, I will pick up a few items to help with the specific weekly theme. The basic combination of counting, writing, drawing, and coloring will be incorporated into each theme so the initial list of supplies will be used for the entire 36 weeks. 
        Subscribe and share for updates, and watch for our themed snacks each week!

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