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No-Spend January Challenge: Week 1

No-Spend January Challenge Update Week One

Week one of my No-Spend January Challenge is finally over! I didn’t realize that 7 days could feel like an eternity, but it wasn’t only because I had to cut back on my daily spending- my husband and I decided to jump in to our long time plan of remodeling our kitchen.

Sunday this week started off strong; I stayed home with the kiddos and cleaned house a bit. I went to work at my in-laws’ restaurant in the evening and brought my 10 year old son with me to give him a break from the 3 month and 3 year old, since Sunday nights can sometimes be pretty slow at the restaurant. My oldest did a great job of finding things to help with or keep himself entertained, so at the end of my shift, we went and bought him a small pint of ice cream and some root beer for $2.21 to reward him for being so well behaved. I made the conscious decision to allow myself a transition, rather than completely cutting my spending off cold turkey, and I think I still did pretty well.

Monday, we all went to Ikea for the day, and since it’s a 45 minute drive each way, we knew that we would be eating out at least once. I don’t know if you have ever tried all-day shopping at Ikea with a newborn, toddler, and preteen, but I don’t recommend it. In the chaos and stress that was, according to many employees, the 2nd busiest day of the year (it took us 25 minutes to find parking and even longer to find a cart inside) my husband and I did our best to keep calm while ordering cabinets for the kitchen remodel we have been planning. Thanks to a sale on Besta units, we also replaced our 4 year old clunky TV stand, but that money came from his pocket, not mine! I felt that the least I could do, since he was dropping so much money on the kitchen and TV unit, was to buy lunch. Thank goodness for Ikea food+family sales because I got lunch for all of us for only $12.09 total!

Tuesday-Saturday my husband and I threw ourselves completely in to the demolition of our kitchen, and even had enough time and energy to get all but one of our cabinets in! We ordered new appliances to be delivered next weekend, thinking it would take much longer to completely gut and rearrange our entire kitchen, so now I’m cooking for a family out of a microwave. Surprisingly, you can do quite a bit with these radiation boxes! Last night, I heated up some smoked turkey legs and accompanied that with steamed corn and sweet potatoes. Not bad for 1000 watts and some imagination.

This week has been a whopping success for me so far, having only spent a total of $13.40 over only the first 2 days, but I attribute that mostly to throwing myself in to the kitchen remodel. It helps that the kids were off at the sitter during the day, too. I often make purchases because I’m weak when they beg for toys or food. Exercising my restraint will hopefully help set me up to say no to the kids as well, since I don’t want to raise little spoiled brats. I am going to keep telling myself that they aren’t yet, but I definitely see some warning sign-up especially in my toddler.

With the kitchen remodel moving faster than anticipated, I’ll have to find new ways to keep myself from spending money, but I feel great about the first week and I anticipate an even better week 2!

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