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Monthly Resolutions For a Happier, Healthier 2017

A Monthly Guide to making and keeping resolutions throughout the year!




After the holidays, toys, clothes, dishes, and decorations gets used, thrown around, and piled up. Spend 15 minutes a day just tidying up, starting with the biggest clutter spots, in a different room each day of the week. If you are anything like me, you’ll drag your feet to get started, and then won’t be able to stop at 15 minutes! Staring the year with this 15 minute ritual will jump-start the rest of your year, just be sure to continue the routine throughout the year to avoid losing all the clean momentum!


Schedules are hectic and meal time can suffer. Gloomy, cold weather often makes me want to habitually order pizza or pick up rotisserie chicken for dinner, but that only leaves my family feeling sluggish and bogged down. The best thing for me to do in these ruts is to find some healthy recipes online and get motivated to cook healthy meals again! Spend 15 minutes a day pinning, printing, or writing a recipe for the following day’s dinner, your family, sleep habits, energy levels, and your waistline will thank you.



The weather is likely getting better, but not quite play-outside-till-dark weather just yet and holiday gifts are long forgotten by now. To keep kids away from too much screen time and promote family bonding and creativity, spend at least 15 minutes each night doing a small craft or art project with the kids before bedtime routines. It will help you all wind down while spending quality time together, and make some cherished memories to keep for the future!




Spring is a time for new life, new growth, and new starts. Kids will have a tendency to turn in to zombies on their tablets, game consoles or phones. Promote new growth in family togetherness by spending at least 15 minutes a day with no electronics on and no toys or other distractions, just talking as a family. Each person should take a minute or two to talk about their day to get the conversation started.



Summer is coming! Kids will be home, trips, barbecues, parties, and sleepovers will likely become part of the weekly schedule. Get a head start on clearing out the old junk and make space for entertaining or storage by spending at least 15 minutes a day gathering items around the house and in garages or sheds. Separate in to trash, donate, and replace piles and make three trips at the end of the month to get rid of the junk.



School is coming to an end, but kids still crave structure and guidance, so take 15 minutes a day to establish and start practicing a new chore chart and game/electronic schedule for the summer to reduce screen time and combat the clutter buildup while kids are home all day.



Summer can still be fun and games with friends, but family time is important for communication and bonding. Take a 15 minute walk as a family each day, talking about the day and planning the next morning. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, as long as you are together!



Hot nights, cold drinks, and plenty of relaxation have been a welcome break for the kids, but school is right around the corner and they can conveniently forget all the knowledge they have amassed over the years in the matter of a few short, sunny months. Spend at least 15 minutes each day reading about math, science, history, or anything that can help jump-start their minds for learning again. Discovery ChannelNational GeographicPBS, and NPR have excellent articles and videos online!




Back to school is exciting and hectic. It can be hard to get back in the homework game, but establishing healthy study habits is too important to overlook. Spend at least 15 minutes a day going over what happened in school and answering homework questions before they begin. Being an active part of getting your children to start their homework or study time can make the difference between faking it and making it!



The weather is turning a bit more brisk and leaves are changing along with it. Get a head start on health and happiness during the holidays by taking at least 15 minutes a day to gather items around the house to trash, donate, or sell. If you are tech savvy, eBay often runs specials on listing, leaving you with little or no cost at all for listing your household overflow!



The rest of the year can get pretty stressful with holiday plans, shopping, gloomy weather, and heavy comfort food to weigh you down. Take at least 15 minutes a day to practice soothing breathing exercises, stretching, or listening to relaxing music in a bath. Anything that feels like meditation to you and brings you peace can be considered meditation. Check out 3 Minute Meditations for Fast Relaxation


End your year with a look back on how far you’ve come this year and where you want to be next year. Take 15 minutes each day to write down ways you’ve improved this year and goals for next year. You can write down the same goals every day, or a couple new goals each day. However you feel motivated and reminded of the coming year is just fine. Putting your mind in goal mode is the first step to achieving your next year of success!


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