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DIY Pop Art From Any Photo + Free app

how to create pop art from any photo + free app

Pop art has been around for decades, and still has an incredible following of high end connoisseurs. Who doesn’t recognize the Campbell’s soup can, multicolored Beatles album art, or even the many versions of Obama’s “Hope” campaign picture?
Primary colors and a simplified photo are all you need to start creating your own pop art, and as people often say, “there’s an app for that!”

Here is how I created my first piece:


Download the app at 8bit Photo Lab

Select one of the options to get the picture you want to edit.

I take tons of photos before I get one I actually like!

Open your photo and you’ll get something like this:

You can change the shape of your pixels

You can also adjust the resolution (low is best for using perler beads).

I chose this color palette, but you can select from quite a few choices

Finally, you can choose the ratio, which controls the shape of your pixels. If you have it set to circles and chose any ratio other than 1:1, you’ll actually have oval pixels

I printed my pixilated picture to keep as a guide and used Perler Beads along with these incredibly handy square peg boards that you can piece together to create enormous masterpieces!

An hour later, baby batman was closer to being framed in a gallery!

I stuck a dollar store frame around the finished product, and voilà! Instant statement piece!




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