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10 Best Inspirational Quotes for Moms

Let’s be honest, being a mom is the hardest job a woman can have. We love our families more than anything in the world, but often it’s a thankless job and we can get pretty discouraged when potty training regresses for what seems like no reason or your partner is just SO clueless about bedtime routines.

1. To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world

I am guilty of feeling like nothing I do matters when I’ve cleaned the living room 5 times, the dishes were done this morning but the sink is now full, and my toddler just threw her Elsa doll at her brother.

In the bigger picture, I remember all the things I have done that really do matter- teaching my son to read and use a microscope, teaching my daughter the ABCs and how to count to 20, and the way my 6 week old son mimics me when I stick my tongue out.

These are the things that really matter, the important lessons that help shape my children in to good people and productive adults. If the laundry gets behind, it won’t affect my son’s grades or my daughters ability to get through bath time without a meltdown over how to wash her mermaid’s hair.

2. Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people

I know this may sound controversial, but hear me out- not everything in your mom’s group is gospel.

Shocking, I know.

When my first child was born, I wanted all of the best, safest, most modern designs for all of his baby gear. Crib bumpers and wedges were a no-no; sage green oversized strollers and Baby Einstein were essentials. With my second, a crib wedge was recommended and bumpers are still standard in a crib set, and apparently avoiding screen time makes your baby eligible for Harvard and the race is on for which company can make the lightest, smallest stroller.

And yet, somehow both of them are equally as smart and capable as the other at the same ages and stages. Go figure. My 6 week old gets an eclectic assortment of hand-me-downs, and he seems to be doing just fine. I have also never been more at peace as a mom then when someone gives me stink-eye for feeding my daughter chicken nuggets and I just smile and imagine what fresh hell they would experience if they tried to make my daughter eat vegetables for a day.

3. You will never have this day again. Make it last.

Speaking of chicken nuggets and judgement…

Every day you wake up to those perfect cherub faces is the last time you’ll ever wake up to that person. Children grow so quickly that they can form an entirely new outlook on the world in a matter of seconds. Those spongey brains soak up everything, and you’re left to wonder how the time got away from you so quickly.

What’s a few nuggets in a sea of opportunities to learn and grow with your kids? Will you regret the time you fed her a pbj for dinner and had a long, sweet session of bedtime stories and snuggles, or will you regret a tantrum over broccoli that left your toddler in full Britney Spears meltdown until 1am?

Of course every day can’t be candy and juice, but use your best judgement as a mother and pick your battles. Kids need a healthy serving of sane mummy just as much as they need leafy greens and vitamin C.

4. To avoid failure is to avoid progress

This is my favorite inspirational quote for moms because we often put so much stress on trying to be a success the first time we attempt something. We compare ourselves to other moms who boast about how early their little angels learned to say the ABCs or make it through nap time wihout an accident. Here’s a hint- they’re probably exaggerating, or their kid still tries to lick windows while reciting those ABCs.

Children need to make mistakes in order to learn, just as we do. I’ve never met anyone who lived their life without failure of some sort. Allow both yourself and your children to make mistakes and experience failure and you will be shaping them in to the best people they can become.

5. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations


Have you ever sat at the edge of your child’s bed and spend an unnatural amount of time simply staring at the beauty of this miracle you have created, then realize that it wasn’t even an hour ago that you were wishing for a vacation from it all?

My kiddos provide me with plenty to lose hair over, and yet I am still awestruck every night when I see their beautiful sleeping faces. I reflect on the day and what we learned, what we saw, and the memories we will hold on to forever. It is so easy to get caught up in the tornado of the day, but when the storm passes, it is apparent that you have created more good memories than bad, and you can realize that everything will be just fine.

6. This too shall pass


On the same note, the seemingly endless storm of the day can be incredibly overwhelming, but it never lasts forever.

The most important advice I ever received in life was from a counselor when I was very young and my parents were going through divorce. I had a lot of aggression issues and had a hard time processing my big feelings at only 8 years old, but nearly all of my anxiety and anger was controllable after my counselor told me that people can make the worst decisions or say the most hurtful things in the first 10 seconds of becoming emotional. When you feel the anger, sadness, or anxiety hit you like a MAC truck, take 10 deep breaths and focus only on those numbers. You will give yourself the necessary time to calm down just enough to make a more rational decision and often realize that “this too shall pass.”

Hint: Works great around your mother in law

7. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today


Sometimes it is hard to see any progress we make as moms until your child unexpectedly makes a breakthrough. You can spend countless hours trying to teach them to read, going one step forward and two steps back for months. Then one day, you pick up the same book your child has been struggling with and they breeze through as if they’ve been reading for years.

Keep on doing your best every day, mama. As long as you give it your all, you will be rewarded with the fruits of your labor.

8. Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother – Oprah Winfrey


This quote is for all of the women who step up to provide unconditional love to their children, regardless of whether or not they carried them in their womb. Quality of love is not guaranteed by implantation. There are plenty of mothers in the world that can’t or don’t want to care for the children they have, and we are all blessed to have the women in this world who more than make up for it by taking children of all backgrounds in and loving them more than life itself.

I hope that any adoptive mommys reading this know that, in times of doubt or struggle, their job is equally, if not more, valuable and important as any other mother’s job.

9. Kids don’t want a perfect mom, just a happy one


 As mothers, our primary concern is keeping our children fed, clothed, and happy. As women, we still want to feel beautiful, worthy, and appreciated. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but often it seems that our needs as women get pushed aside for the the needs of our families. 

We can sometimes get caught up in feeling overweight, less attractive, or less worthy than we truly are. In times like these, we need to remember that our children see us not with their eyes, but with their feelings and their hearts. If we are sad, they see us that way. But if we are happy, they see us as beautiful and incredible- like superheroes. If you ever doubt your self worth, look in to your child’s eyes when they say I love you. The magic of that simple phrase can mend any broken heart.

10. Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant – Robert Louis Stevenson


Yet another great quote about the investment we make as mothers. 

I hate to sound redundant, but being a mother is more of a marathon than a sprint. It can be discouraging not to see immediate results, but the quality of reward for your long term love and care is far higher in this endurance race. 

Nothing good ever comes easy, and raising great children is the best thing you can achieve a mother. So take the time, be patient, and revel deeply in the times that you see the fruits of your labor come alive in your kids.
10 Best Inspirational Quotes for Mothers 

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